Private Rooms

Are you looking to book a private room in our store?  

Board Game Room

Whether your group is looking to play one of our board games from the demo collection, bring your own game, play Dungeons & Dragons, or just want a private space to play a game of Commander, we've got you covered. 

 Our private room features a 6 foot table with 4 chairs and additional 2 foot table with 2 chairs if you need to expand your experience.  

Warhammer Room

Enjoy a custom built 6 foot x 4 foot table, perfect for all your miniatures games in a private room to help reduce noise from the main play space.  We've included 2 stools so that you can rest your feet while you play.

 Whether you're playing Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, or Star Wars Legion, our private room is your local destination to battle it out.  

We've even got a television in the room with a subscription to Warhammer TV and many other streaming services so you can stream all your favorite content or listen to music while you play!

Birthday Party

Looking for a space to host your child's birthday? We can help! RFG Birthday parties include a private 2 hour party for your group, 3 staff members to help with setup, teardown, activities, and cleanup. 

Our staff can teach Pokemon and age appropriate board games for your party, keeping the kids entertained. Our private rooms are perfect for serving your cake and any other drinks and snacks you want to bring. Plenty of seating for up to 24 people in our main play area. 

We'll jam out to age appropriate party music and ensure you have a fantastic experience!