Our Mission

Fun. Respect. Community.

Mission Statement

To create a fun, clean, inviting, inclusive, organized, community driven, and technologically advanced local gaming store that will support the growing population of gamers in the Lee, Moore, and Harnett County area.

We aim to be a much needed “Third Space” (a place to spend time at, aside from Home and Work/School) in Lee County that patrons can carve out at least one night during the week to frequent.

What does our motto mean?

Fun: Games are meant to be fun. While we do encourage competitive play when appropriate, every player and staff member should understand that if you aren’t creating an enjoyable experience then you’ve lost the purpose of playing games. Foster a positive attitude and ensure that players want to play here.

Respect: Players and staff members should respect each other, respect themselves, and respect the space that’s been created for them. Games are a great equalizer. Players and staff should not be made to feel different based on their gender, race, age, or any other difference. The creation of a comfortable space that everyone feels welcome is paramount.

Community: A close and personal connection to the community is the driving force behind why we do what we do. Creating a larger gaming community to share our passions with, using games to help people, and having a positive impact on the local community around us makes a difference. We’re part of the community, and so are you.