About Us

Our Origin Story

During a session of Dungeons & Dragons, Ryan Morgan and Jacob Peterson came to the conclusion that the game stores currently available in the area were not sufficient.  They wanted a place that felt comfortable and clean, was well organized, had friendly staff, and offered all the products and events they enjoyed.  Looking at all the stores around the area, each had something to offer, but it didn't feel like they hit every criteria they were looking for.  So, they said to each other, "should we just open our own store?"  

From that little seed, the idea grew and grew as they continued to explore the possibility.  Raven Forge Games was grown out of a desire to have a truly awesome space to play tabletop games and provide an alternative to players.  Ryan always had a strong desire to own a game store and had already been mapping out the idea for years in his head.  It wasn't until that push came from another likeminded person that it actually became a reality.

Raven Forge Games was founded on November 26th, 2021.  Shauna Morgan joined the team shortly after seeing the amazing potential, and the store continued to blossom to a play space that everyone could enjoy.  Combining Ryan's business vision, with Jacob's enthusiasm, and Shauna's polish they created a balanced mix of ownership.

On February 17th, 2023 Jacob stepped down from ownership after helping to build the store up over a year and a half.  He remains a strong friend of the store and can frequently be seen playing games.  The store is now solely owned by Ryan and Shauna, who are grateful for the assistance Jacob provided.