Magic: The Gathering Buying Guide

Looking to sell your Magic: The Gathering cards? We're buying!

Raven Forge Games Magic: The Gathering Buying Guide

We are looking to purchase your cards in order to continue to expand our offerings. Schedule an appointment today to meet with one of our purchasers. We offer more money for bulk cards that are already presorted as this helps speed up our inventory integration process. We recommend that you separate your cards into the categories we have below to maximize your payment. Using the TCGPlayer App is a quick and easy way to price your cards ahead of time so you know how to separate them.

How much will you pay?

  • Bulk Commons, Uncommons, and Lands (Unsorted) - $3.00 per 1000 cards

  • Bulk Commons, Uncommons, and Lands (Set sorted and alphabetized) - $5.00 per 1000 cards

  • Bulk Rares and Mythics value less than $2.00 - $0.10 per card

  • Cards greater than $2.00 - 50% of TCGPlayer Market Value

  • Bulk Foils - $0.05 per card

  • CCG Peripherals (sleeves, boxes, playmats, etc.) - Varied

How will I get paid?

Payments are made in one of three ways. Feel free to request your payment in any combination of the options below:

Cash: We can provide you with cash for totals less than $100. We pay a 10% reduction on the value of your cards for cash payments.

Check: We'll write you a check for your cards. Checks are issued at normal value.

Store Credit: If you want to receive your payment in the form of store credit we pay a 10% increase on the value of your cards.